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What's-up with all these murders, Chi-Town?

Chicago Top Cop Garry McCarthy, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel with 2012 crime initiatives.
Chicago Top Cop Garry McCarthy, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel with 2012 crime initiatives.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported:

A long weekend of violence has left 14 dead and 68 wounded in Chicago. At least 29 people were shot over about 13 hours starting Sunday afternoon. Four of the 29 people shot died, several more remain in critical condition.

This string of killings has been going on in Chicago for too long to remember. Chicago's Mayor and Top Cop (pictured), and Aldermen might want to re-think their failing strategies. They, in keeping with the policies set in place in 1982, have, until recently, frozen the number of legal handguns in the Windy City.

In an ABC News report last night, McCarthy whines and snivels about the availability of guns in Chicago. The report mentions how easy it is to get a gun there.

Well, duh! Heroin, marijuana, bootleg liquor (80 years ago), smack, crack . . ., pick your poison. These are always available despite their being verboten all across the fruited plain.

The big difference between these illicit chemicals and guns, is the fact that guns have been legal and Constitutionally protected throughout these United States. Granted, some states, such as California and New Jersey impose onerous restrictions on purchase and/or carry of firearms. Chicago, on the other hand, has kept guns out of the hands of the average citizen, rendering them defenseless in the face of violent unlawful aggression. Thanks to Otis McDonald, this is slowly starting to change, although the Mayor and Aldermen keep throwing up costly (to City taxpayers) roadblocks every chance they get.

Since the McDonald case, the State of Illinois has begun to issue (expensive) concealed carry licenses to citizens. It was good to learn of an apparently righteous shoot the other day, as reported in the Tribune:

A Gresham man fired on a group of people leaving a party, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said.

So, it looks like the times, they are slowly changing in Chicago. Maybe Emmanuel should look to policies other than trying to get guns "off the street". They have failed as miserably as his mentor's have in keeping out illegal emigrants. Maybe, just maybe, he should look at eliminating these onerous firearms restrictions, and make it simple and easy for Chicago's good citizens to acquire firearms and training to defend themselves. (Maybe those good citizens should get off their duffs and vote the rascals out.)

Otherwise, it looks to me like he is an accessory before the fact each time another innocent is murdered.

Note to Knoxville and Farragut mayors, your parks bans put you in the same category as Emmanuel.

Note to all, the fact that you live in a nice town or neighborhood does not make you immune to violent criminal activity. There was the Radio Shack murder in Farragut. And the Dotts family. And the young man who was killed at a pay phone at the corner of Kingston Pike and Canton Hollow Road. So always be alert and practice good safety precautions.

Be safe-


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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3 (NLT)


Disclaimer: The information and ideas presented in this column are provided for informational purposes only. Firearms, like cars, kitchen knives and life itself all can be dangerous. You should get professional training as part of any plan to use firearms for any purpose. I have made a reasonable, good-faith effort to assure that the content of this column is accurate. I have no control over what you do, and specifically accept no responsibility for anything you do as a result of reading my columns. Any action or lack of action on your part is strictly your responsibility.

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