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What's the story with Christian Radio in Austin?

If you're a fan of Christian music you might be as confused as I am by recent changes in the FM radio offerings in the Austin area. K-Love's been a stalwart at 92.1 for a while (although some on-line references indicate it changed to 91.9 back in June '10). Unfortunately, my bedside radio (located in Round Rock) doesn't pick up K-Love (at 92.1 or 91.9).

Fortunately we found The River at 102.3. We loved The River! It played a great mix and we could listen on our bedroom's clock radio. Alas, this love affair was not meant to last. The hip-hop station at 105.9 (The Beat) worked a deal to trade waves with the River. By then, The River's format included secular music from the 80's & 90's. It was disconcerting to hear songs like "Every Breath You Take" by The Police or "Always Something There to Remind Me" by Naked Eyes when expecting something from Third Day, MercyMe or the Newsboys. We didn't follow the The River down stream in September '10.

In October, a friend pointed out a billboard for a new station at 105.9, The Spirit. Joy of joys! New owners and refreshed format for the renewed Christian radio station! And we could pick up 105.9 on our clock radio. For about 2 months we enjoyed The Spirit. Then, sadly, one day last week we could no longer pick up 105.9 on our clock radio. We are still able to receive a signal in our vehicles, but the signal is weaker than it was a mere month ago.

In my ensuing search for a signal I stumbled on 106.7, The Source. The Source broadcasts from Georgetown. We pick up the signal beautifully at home, but it fades in transit heading West or South from Round Rock (the direction of most of travel to work or errands). At least we're back to having tunes in the comfort of our home.

Channel-surfing on the road has helped me "discover" 88.1, Candle 88. I also find the occasional need to hear The Word at 98.5. I've reset the buttons on my car radio accordingly.

I may not understand it, but I like it. Changing channels has introduced me to songs and artists that I wasn't hearing when I limited myself to one station. I'm also bookmarking the on-line stations so I can listen when I'm at my desk. It's good to mix things up now and then. I'm embracing the changes.

Are you listening to expressions of faith? What's your favorite Christian station(s)?


  • MittenChick 4 years ago

    Check out Pandora dot com. It is an awesome online music channel. You simply put in a sing you love and it plays songs that are similar. Once in a rare while I will have to thumbs down a song that seems to be chosen out of left field, but for the most part, it is wonderful!

  • MittenChick 4 years ago

    Um, sorry, put in a SONG you like, should have proofread =)

  • Profile picture of Fran Hart
    Fran Hart 4 years ago

    MittenChick, I've definitely enjoyed Pandora via the computer. My challenge came from the need to find a station for my car radio and my clock radio.

    Do you listen to Sirius?

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