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What's the difference between gel manicures and Nexgen?

Nexgen nail polish
Nexgen nail polish
Melody Marks

Gel manicures have become increasingly popular. This is because they create a different look than standard manicures and last longer. Gel manicures make the nails look thicker and do not require nail extensions. The same can be said about Nexgen manicures which are also becoming more popular as well. So, what is the difference between gel and Nexgen?

Gel manicures are done with use of a machine. The nail technician applies gel polish of the customer's choice. The customer puts their fingers into the machine and the polish hardens up. This is attractive because the coating is thick and more difficult to chip. The customer comes back for a polish change once the nails have grown over a two to four week period depending on how much growth they can tolerate. The downside to gel manicures is that the machines that harden the nail polish give off ultraviolet or UV rays. Exposing the skin to these same UV rays that are used in tanning beds increase the likelihood of developing melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. Some women say that they bring sunscreen with them to the nail salon for protection against UV rays that may lead to skin cancer.

Nexgen is a manicure that gives similar results to gel nail polish. The customer picks a color. The color comes in the form of a jar of powder. The nail technician polishes the nail with a Nexgen polish and then dips the customer's finger into the powder which becomes a nail polish with each coat of polish brushed on. The nail technician may lightly use a drill on the nails before starting just to remove shine of the nail bed. They will also drill the Nexgen to smooth it down before applying the final coat. Nexgen offers a variety of colors and glitters that have a gorgeous finish. This process is not harsh on the nail bed.

Many women are leaving gel manicures for Nexgen. Both types of manicure offer similar results with a manicure that lasts longer and is more difficult to chip. Some consumers have brought up the point that every customer of Nexgen is sticking their same fingers in the same jar. This is the case but it is a lot easier to wash your hands than deal with skin cancer.