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What's the Deal with Those People?

What’s the deal with those people that are married for what seems like years and then as soon as something happens that leads them to separate, they find someone else to share their futures with? I was looking at some dope people on Facebook and the search led me to some photos of my friends from back in the day… then I realized that it had been less than a year since I had found out about a favorite couple who weren’t married any more. He explained how the wife suddenly was not interested and was acting like a teenager- wanted to go party and play video games with other people.

He was disappointed and very broken- so it seemed; but then I just found out that he got married-- to someone else. Imagine my face as my mouth dropped wide open. “I just don’t get it” seems to be a saying of mine and those I hear almost every week here in Las Vegas. And is this phenomena solely a Vegas thing? No. It’s everywhere now, however, Vegas seems to be one of the leading places for divorce. I wonder why.

In case you missed that last line, it was definitely sarcasm. Las Vegas is a city that can be incredible and horrible all at the same time. The temptations around you are numerous and unending. The moment that you think you’ve been through it all is the moment you will go through something else. It is a never-ending chaos. Although for some people, they seem to make it here without getting sucked into the shallow life-style.

For those that don’t make it, Vegas is an excuse- it is a playground ready to suck them in. It’s not really the city’s fault; it’s those kinds of people’s faults. They’re the problems, and a city like ours just reveals the insides more. Nothing can hide away for long here because almost everything is out in the open… literally. You thought you had privacy, but just walk through the strip if you can when it’s time for New Year’s Celebration. Even when there are no occasions, the pools at every hotel are good excuses to wear almost nothing as well.

Those things might not be tempting to everyone- especially those coming from large cities, but if they’re from small towns or more conservative parts of U.S., then Vegas is like a free-be for idiocy. People get tired of each other fast because they look at the bottom-less possibilities of things to do and who to be. Everyone at one point or another in their lives tries to be someone else or do something different, but Vegas multiplies that “one-time experience” to a thousand times and there is no going back.
I only know a few marriages that have survived here and most of those people don’t even seem that happy to be together. It’s as if the grass is always greener on the other side… of what? I have no clue. Envy is a cancerous cells that eats away your life and the more you do it, the less you have. It is the root of all that is insane and backwards. You think you really want or crave that cake. You then have it finally and it was not only not a big deal, but also now you have those extra calories that you could have had by eating some healthy carrots and a big pimple on your face because you envied her cake and was not satisfied with your own carrot.

Okay, maybe that was a poor example and maybe now you are really hungry and you’re wondering if you should have a piece of cake or some carrots. Don’t worry about it. Go get whatever you want, but just remember that there will be consequences for your actions. Nothing ever stays still. The world moves around you and you carve your own path and roll with it. The wheel is in your hands though, and to a certain point, you can steer to wherever direction you wish. Steer it with much thought because sometimes you will not have another chance.

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