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What's so special about Valentine's Day?

What's so special about Valentine's Day???

Many people begrudge this holiday because you should "show love everyday". I get it. But the thing is, you should give thanks everyday. You should give presents everyday (well not everyday, but frequently). You should appreciate mothers and fathers and grandparents everyday. There are a lot of things you should do everyday, but you don't! We need a national holiday to set one day aside to remind us to pause from our ever-so busy lives and show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

We need Valentine's Day. We need a holiday. We need Hallmark and supermarkets to flood the aisles with red and pink cards to remind us to express ourselves. Show love. Say I love you. Buy flowers and candy. Go out on a date. Just do it. (Nike)

So don't be angry at St. Valentine or Valentine's Day or Hallmark! Be thankful. And show love.

Ways to say I love you (or you're pretty cool) on V-day:

  • go out for a romantic dinner
  • exchange gifts
  • send a text
  • call your loved ones
  • actually say "I love you"
  • write a handwritten letter or poem
  • random act of kindness
  • pick up a card

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