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What's so great about the Fire Phone?

Amazon released the Fire Phone this week, a brand new smartphone available exclusively through AT&T. It has a lot of people talking, many don't think that Amazon has the traction to play in the smartphone market, others realize that Amazon customers are extremely loyal and would love this product. So regardless of the debate, what makes this new phone so special? Let's take a look.

The Fire Phone has a ground-breaking new way of navigation that takes advantage of tilt technology. This feature is one that really does set it apart. It always you to navigate by tilting your phone and swiveling. It combines hand motion with scrolling. It will really create a different user experience.

Another feature that has people talking is Firefly Technology. Think of it as Shazam, for anything. By pressing the Firefly button you can identify text on posters, phone numbers, movies, songs, TV shows, etc. And of course, can connect you to over 70 million products on Amazon.

If you buy the phone, you will have access to Mayday, Amazon's great customer service network, an advanced camera system and of course being an Amazon Prime member doesn't hurt. This phone is built for those loyal Amazon users, and trust me, there are a lot of them.

For more information on the Fire Phone, check out the features page at

There is a lot of buzz about this phone, and the decision of Amazon to move in this direction. What are your thoughts on the Fire Phone? Does it seem interesting to you?

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