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What’s so great about cats?

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Cat lovers can entertain for hours about what makes cats so special yet those not well acquainted with cats may wonder what is so great about them. Cats are publically popularized for their aloofness, unpredictability and seemingly royal grandeur. However, cats have several less well-known qualities that capture cat and animal lover’s hearts.

Purina ProPlan has long recognized the greatest in cats and strives to maximize inner brilliance with high quality nutritional products. In effort to inspire cat owners to recognize and share the greatness in their own cats, Purina ProPlan has launched the #MyGreatCat campaign. The campaign is driven by cat owners capturing the greatness in their cats through photos or videos and sharing on their social media channels. According to Aaron Williams, brand manager for Purina ProPlan Cat food, “we want owners everywhere to not only recognize what makes their cats great but be empowered to share that”. Purina ProPlan knows that every cat has an inherent greatness and understands that feeding a complete, advanced, nutrition diet fuels a cat’s inner brilliance.

#MyGreatCat campaign is being launched with a new photography collection from 19 year-old up-and-coming pet photographer Jessica Trinh. Purina ProPlan invited her into the home of ten cat owners to reveal the characteristics that make cats uniquely great and document their personal stories through photography. For this project, Trinh “wanted to explore the emotions of these cats and reveal the relationship between them and their owners”. She was delightfully surprised by the playfulness, authority they conveyed and desire to communicate.

To celebrate the launch of the #MyGreatCat campaign, Trinh’s photos will be unveiled at a pop-up photo gallery in San Francisco’s Union Square on Saturday, June 14. The gallery will feature additional photos of cats selected by @Cats_of_Instagram.

Cat owners are encouraged to share pictures and videos of their great cats including the hashtag #MyGreatCat on their personal social media channels. For each photo or video that includes the hashtag #MyGreatCat and @ProPlanCat from now until August 31, Purina ProPlan will donate one pound of Purina cat food and up to 50,000 pounds to hundreds of cat rescue groups nationwide through the Purina ProPlan Rally to rescue network.