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What's So Funny?

Nothing in the news these days, that's for sure! Serious stuff is going on that we have little control over that could lead to frustration, depression and anxiety.

We can't afford to wait until things get any better either, we need to make our voices heard, make a stand and be a little more creative in our daily lives to get ahead of the game of life. Problem is, we don't get $200 for pass and go in this game and it takes more than a roll of the dice to determine the outcome.

Perspective is everything, well maybe attitude as well and I get that when I see the irony of life. Michael Jr., a hot Christian comedian helps me with that. His humble demeanor and dry sense of humor, is a good combination that takes my perspective to a whole new level with laughter. Michael Jr. uses the medicine of laughter and takes it to prisons, rescue missions and drug houses, to brighten the lives of those with little hope.

Laughter does the heart good, like a good medicine. It relaxes tense muscles, produces feel good hormones, and gives your inerds a good work out too!

There's a saying, you can either laugh or cry about it. So instead of taking prescription medicine, laugh, it's good for you!


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