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What’s in season thank heavens for turnip greens

What’s in season thank heavens for turnip greens
What’s in season thank heavens for turnip greens

Grown in full sun in about two months, the turnip greens are a premium harvest. Get yummy, great tasting, sweet turnips in early before they flower. Cut off the leaves and you will need more per serving as they cook down. Plant by the first full moon in August for fall harvest.

Refrigerate, unwashed, and pull them out just before cooking

Wash them in a sink full of tepid water to remove the grime. Gently so as not to bruise them. Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, turnip greens are rumored to be aphrodisiac, and a swell cure for the hangover.

Turnip greens serve up three times the amount of calcium as one glass of whole milk

Fat free and gluten free the greens leave you feeling satisfied because of all of the nutrients they provide. Nip late night snacking in the bud because your body won’t keep sending you to the kitchen for more groceries to eat.

Add some onion and a little bacon or bacon grease

Salt and pepper to taste. If you are throwing turnip greens in the blender for your favorite ’green’ smoothie be sure to take off the tops of the leaves for a sweeter tasting smoothie, as they are known to be bitter.

Days of turnip greens and roses

Add some red pepper flakes while sautéing or your favorite hot sauce when done cooking per taste. In the crock pot, add a ham hock, a mess of turnip greens, and a pinch or two of sugar and red pepper flakes, on low setting for one hour. Spray the insides of your crock pot to prevent scalding and sticking.

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