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What's open, closed on 4th of July 2014? Post office, banks, store holiday hours

As the 4th of July holiday rolls around this 2014, people are asking what’s open and what’s closed on Independence Day this year. Not to worry, as a majority of locations — including banks, the post office, retail markets, liquor stores, and their accompanying hours — make it quite clear whether they are opening their doors to the public on this federal holiday or keeping them shut. The Boston Globe shared on Thursday, July 3, what places our nation's folks will be able to access this special time of pride and patriotism.

Whats open and what's closed on the 4th of July 2014?
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As is the case every year, the 4th of July is a nationally recognized holiday observed as Independence Day. So what’s open and what’s closed on this great period for our American nation? All banks are closed. The post office is also closed, and no mail delivery; only express delivery will be provided on this particular date. As for retail stores, those being open or closed — including their hours — are up to the personal discretion of the owner, so checking your local listings may be necessary. A general rule of thumb for most retail locations is that if the sites are open, they will likely be available for the public in the morning and afternoon, then shut their doors toward the evening in order to enjoy the nighttime fireworks.

According to the report, a majority of liquor vendors will be open, as well as most convenience stores, supermarkets, and local bars. Like the bank and post office, don’t count on visiting any municipal or state offices, however; they won’t be open on the 4th of July. This 2014, libraries and summer school classes will also be unavailable for public use.

As a federal holiday, notes The Epoch Times, Independence Day this Friday results in almost all government and community directed services being closed. Some favorite business, including Costco, are going to be on hiatus for the Fourth, while some locations will remain open in order to take advantage of the potentially big business boom and lack of sales competition today. For specific store hours in your area, again please check your local listings to verify all times. Regardless of the time of day, classic pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens are going to remain open for public use, most of which will be available around the clock.

The possibility of standard public transportation is also dependent on one’s particular area. However, most modes of transportation on the 4th of July work on a special holiday schedule or weekend format, so be aware. What else is open and closed this 2014? Most Walmarts will stay open, as well as Targets. The Home Depot is also open, as well as a considerable number of supermarket chains and grocery stores.

Hopefully these tidbits of information regarding banks, post offices, liquor stores, and the like will help you know what’s accessible this 4th of July holiday! Again, these details are only a general guideline; check all local listings to be certain of what's happening in your area. Here’s to your day of red, white, and blue being full of joy, laughter, and (especially in light of fireworks), safety. Please celebrate with your friends, family, and other loved ones!

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