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What's On Your Kindle?

Reading a total "button-pusher."
Reading a total "button-pusher."

Since becoming the owner of a Kindle, I've acquired a whole new language. I scour the internet regularly for books that are "Kindle-worthy." I'm not about to splash out $9.99 on anything with a bright cover and a great first line -- I have to be certain that the title is worthy before I download a digital book. And so rather than lighter, my library is heavier. I check out more books -- read a little and decide if they're worthy to be downloaded onto my Kindle. I'm very picky when it comes to books. I read reviews. I take recommendation from authors that I've enjoyed reading. I take my time.

And that's probably why so many publishers are pushing out free digital download to ebook readers in order to get them addicted to their authors. It's the newest trend in digital books and one I'm heartily behind. Free books! Other than free chocolate I can think of nothing better. There's a great New York Times article that explains more about the rise of digital publishing and the free book phenomenon. I also have to recommend my favorite free ebook site. This site is a constant source of ebooks that you might not find anywhere else.

And so what is my favorite Kindle-created lingo? Instead of a book being a "real pageturner" -- the best digital download is a "real button-pusher." I've been reading some stuff that's so good, I can't hit the "next page" button fast enough.

What's on your Kindle? Got any books to recommend?