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What's next for Rigondeaux?

Rigondeaux doesn't have much options in terms of fights.
Rigondeaux doesn't have much options in terms of fights.

Guillermo Rigondeaux, who many consider the best fighter in the world, still sits on the sideline waiting for a fight. He last fought in December of 2012 when he outclassed Joseph Agbeko to maintain his WBO and WBA belts and improve his record to 13 - 0.

Rigondeaux, who has been a pro for almost four years now, has only fought 13 times in that time period. Promotional and managing issues have stalled his career several times, keeping him away from his safest and most comfortable place, the boxing ring.

In 2012, Rigondeaux put on a masterful performance in his one-sided victory over then pound for pound top fighter Nonito Donaire. After the victory, many expected Rigondeaux to have more fights and that his promotional company would try to make him more into a household name.

Instead, the victory hurt Rigondeaux as his promoter Top Rank and CEO Bob Arum did the complete opposite, critiquing the victory and calling Rigondeaux's style boring.

Rigondeaux is now 33-years-old and still has not become a popular fighter amongst non-hardcore fans and it looks as if his promotional company is not looking to do anything about that. Top Rank and CEO Bob Arum would much rather put a lot more effort into way less talented fighter, than into who many consider the best fighter in the world. Vasyl Lamachenko is a prime example, a fighter they put a lot of promotional effort into, more than they ever did Rigondeaux, and who lost in his second fight as a pro. Lamachenko is good, but he is not Rigondeaux, and the only people to blind themselves from that fact is Top Rank themselves.

Rigondeaux has one fight left in his contract with Top Rank, but when that fight will take places no one knows. Eventually when it happens, one would imagine that Rigondeaux will not resign with Top Rank and try to make his way over to Golden Boy Promotions where better fights are available and where people might appreciate his talents a bit more.

The question here is whether Golden Boy Promotions will take the flawless southpaw who seems to capable of defeating all their top talents in the 122 and 126 divisions. For Golden Boy, taking Rigondeaux automatically gives them the two best fighters in the world, Floyd Mayweather and Rigondeaux.

What's to happen with Rigondeaux next is always a mystery, hopefully by next year he will have a more secured schedule of at least two fights a year like the top stars of the sports Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather. A side from Andrew Ward, who is also getting abused promotionally, there is no other fighter in the sport that deserves it more.

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