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What’s next for Ashley Wagner

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As soon as Ashley Wagner stepped foot in Sochi she knew she wanted to have the Olympic experience more than once. “I knew that I could handle another Olympics,” Ashley said. Even though this past season has just recently wrapped up, she’s already thinking about her next four years.

Wagner received a bronze medal in the figure skating team event at the Sochi Olympic Games and came in seventh in the individual event. She had a season that was filled with ups and downs and completed her season at the World Championships and went directly on tour with Stars on Ice.

“I love performing, that’s why I skate. Every single night the lights come up and I get to skate,” Ashley said the final night of the show in Seattle, WA. It is clear that she has enjoyed her time with Stars on Ice, but after a long season she is more than ready for some time off. Ashley is planning on vacationing in Maui for a while and taking a month off the ice.

“I need to be away from the ice to the point that I miss it, that way when it’s time for me to come back and train, I really am present and want to be there,” Wagner explained. Even though Ashley will be off the ice for a while she is still plotting and planning for the upcoming season.

“It’s painful to think about (next season) because I haven’t even had time to end this season, but it’s kind of inevitable. I have to think about it now,” Wagner said, “I’m starting the process of finding music and figuring out who’s going to choreograph my programs.”

Ashley has yet to make the final decision about her music and choreographers, but it is certainly on her mind and she plans to spend this upcoming season exploring. “I’m excited because the first season post-Olympics it’s kind of the one where you can play around the most and set the tone for what the next four years are going to be like,” Ashley expressed.

It has been a prolonged season for Ashley, yet a very productive one as she has grown from the experiences she had. When asked what she learned the most, she replied, “I learned that I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. I was thrown into the wringer, media wise, season wise, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I think that at the end of the day I handled it as gracefully as I could. I can definitely handle a lot more than I thought I could.”