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What's lost is now found

The weather is becoming warmer and our thoughts are turning to outside. It is important to remember that the caregiver is not the only one looking longingly toward being outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. This a great time of the year to get some much needed time ‘outside the box’ ultimately our box with a mortgage. As we do so it is important to remember the great fun and good times while we become prepared for perhaps some not so good.

Each of us knows the tug of our heart strings and long ago memories/. This is not so different for our care partner. As we become a seasoned caregiver we notice many times the crossover of emotions and memories. We as the caregiver need to be very tuned to these thoughts and emotions; this will provide a possible solution to where or when a friend in our care has gone off.

Just as, or possibly more, important is to have identification for our care partner. This alert can provide us with of various materials or functions. Frequently for the white collar worker is jewelry, such as an ID bracelet or possibly a medical alert bracelet, which is accepted easily and provides the necessary information. Another help is clothing labels however perhaps the one drawing the most information and concern at the time is a medallion which provides for electronic monitoring. New on the market and providing the same information as that of a cell phone, we are guided to our care partner. Although providing excellent locating powers and a quick and easy return of our care partner, is this the wave of the future?

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