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What’s It Take to Perform Standardized Tests?

Iowa Testing Booklet
Jennifer Martens

Although many Louisville and Southern Indiana homeschool families don’t want to put their children under preconceived labels or confine them to invisible boxes of monotony, there are many benefits to testing children. Yes, students may have “off” days in which they may perform poorly or not feel the need to do their best. However, testing is usually covered over several days. One should never define children by test performance, but helping children learn to take such tests is actually giving them a key to help them mold their own futures. If children go on to college, they will likely be required to take some sort of standardized test: SAT, ACT, or a college entrance exam to guide them toward the classes that may suit them best.
So what is required for standardized testing? The Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Stanford Achievement Tests are both available through Bob Jones University Press. Ordering online is quick and painless, as long as a pre-approved test administrator has been chosen. The BJU test administrator must be approved for the test being taken—approval is not interchangeable between the Iowa Test and the Stanford Achievement Test. Testers should possess teaching credentials or a bachelor degree from an accredited university. There is a test administrator directory on the BJU website, but not all testers are listed. Most tests run $29-$39, a lower price than previous tests because test results are no longer mailed back; they are now accessible by computer. Tests vary by grade level and usually take 2-4 hours per day for an average of 3-4 days.


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