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What's Holding Women Back?

Peggy Smith
Peggy Smith
Peggy Smith

Catalyst's Knowledge Center recently posted the list women CEO's. It found that women represent only 4.6% of CEOs in both Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. In the corporate world overall, women only hold 18% of leadership positions.

Yet recent research finds that companies that promote women into management and leadership positions improve their productivity and profits. In a 2011 study of 7,280 leaders, conducted by HBR's Zenger and Folkman, women scored higher in every one of the sixteen competencies except one.

Why is it that, when talking about getting a promotion or being a successful business owner., women are “all in.” But talk about being a business or corporate leader and women shy away.

What holds women back more, the glass ceiling or fear of leadership?

That's what Annmarie Kelly is talking about at today's Happy Hour with Communications Expert Peggy Smith. Join them for this Happy Hour conversation about women, leadership and communications.

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