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What's happening in Washington today?

Snowed under for today...good for painting
Snowed under for today...good for painting
James George

Scrape. The nation’s capital is snow and ice bound today and through Thursday afternoon, and maybe tomorrow too depending on weather shifts.

Scraping I 66 on the way into Washington
James George

In the meantime, people are speculating that Obamacare will take off next year. If it does with continuing positive results that will undermine critics who want to do anything less than to help it improve. Hint, hint, Republicans had better back off.

How about the immigration reform legislation? Apparently, the GOP is snowed in on that endeavor as well. Divided within, they can’t get anything accomplished.

So what is the rationale for reinstalling Republicans in Election 2014?

The only detractors are Democrats who do manage to get things done under the worst circumstances. That is admirable. Needed now is more effective executive leadership. Even that is improving because Obama gets better with more experience.

So, the economy continues to improve, and barring getting caught up with Iran or Syria or any number of Middle East eruptions, the US should sail forward pretty smoothly toward Election 2016.