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What's going on in your neighborhood at night

Are pit-bulls naturtally dangerous, or do they have to be trained to be nice?
Sidney Drabkin

For the last three nights, I been hearing noises on our driveway. Noises that are not supposed to be there. Last night, when I heard a noise, I peeked out the window and saw two raccoons playing on the driveway.

While watching them play, all of a sudden they split up and disappeared. I then saw a pit-bull watching the raccoons playing. Looking around, I could see no one with the pit-bull, it was by it self. The pit-bull was roaming around the neighborhood, so it seemed, then it disappeared. There were two men walking on the sidewalk with a small dog on a leash, passing the driveway where the pit-bull was standing.

I heard something snap and looked up. On the neighbors porch, near a wooden planter, the two raccoons were playing. The pit-bull appeared and stood watching the raccoons playing. There was a shrill whistle sound and the pit-bull disappeared. About six-feet from where the pit-bull was standing, there seemed two be a furry rug, which started to move. While watching the furry rug moving, it rolled over and stood up--it was a possum playing dead.

It looked around and then just walked away. After walking a few feet, it laid down and became motionless, a car's light passed over it that was coming out of a driveway to the street. About ten minutes later, the possum rolled over, stood up, and walked away.

The question is: Do you know what's going on in your neighborhood at night when everything seems to be nice and quiet.

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