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What's for breakfast?

Make an easy, hearty breakfast on the weekend. Your family will love it and need not know that it is easy and cheap!
Make an easy, hearty breakfast on the weekend. Your family will love it and need not know that it is easy and cheap!Lori VanNatta

How often do you hear that at your house? It may be the curse of working moms everywhere that on the weekend their normally independent children suddenly become constitutionally unable to find the cereal cupboard and gallon of milk in the refrigerator.

Acceptance of this curse came quickly at Working Mom's house and typically one weekend day means a hot breakfast of some type being made for all.

With temperatures dropping in the Madison area, that can only mean heating season will be upon us soon, and the holiday gift giving season cannot be far behind, which means saving money is a major factor in most activities at Working Mom's house. Thinking that is probably the case at most homes, it seemed like a good time to share some penny pinching secrets via Working Moms Examiner.

Today's is that your family will be wowed with simple French Toast for a hot weekend breakfast and, as you likely know, it is easy as can be and will allow you to use up neglected bread from the past week before it goes bad!

Working Mom has even been known to use hamburger and hot dog buns to make French Toast if such items are in the “must goes” category of the bread box. One tip, just make sure you soak them a bit longer in the egg and milk mixture to fully saturate the crust sides.

Working Mom's Favorite French Toast

4 eggs

1 tsp sugar

1tsp vanilla

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp nutmeg

1 c. milk

10 slices of bread

Beat together in a broad, low bowl or casserole the first six ingredients. Spray nonstick griddle with nonstick spray or a small amount of butter. Heat griddle over medium flame.

Dip bread in egg and milk mixture piercing with a fork and turning until saturated, but not falling apart.

Transfer bread to griddle heating slowly until bottom is golden brown, turn and brown on other side.

Serve with butter and syrup.

Enjoy being the family hero for an hour or so, but do not bother to tell them it was a money saver and easy!