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What's Better Than The Circus? A Book Circus.

If you're a book lover there are few things that can entice you to go out to public events when you've got your hands on a great book that you can't put down. And so when there are events held in public for book lovers, they should be red letter days on your calendar.

Coming soon to Los Angeles, Opium magazine has organized a Literary Death Match. While the book authors that are billed to be at this throw-down don't sound as ferocious as UFC competitors, you just never know, blood could be spilled in the name of literature. Authors will compete for prizes -- and fun is most assuredly to be had by one and all. You can check out more about this event HERE.

And just in case you missed it. The big book circus that's held in Los Angeles every year -- known as the LA Times Festival Of Books -- is moving from the UCLA campus to the cross-town rival campus USC. I have always enjoyed the rolling hills and open grassy knolls on the UCLA campus -- and I must admit I was not happy when I first heard that the Festival of Books was moving to USC. But I don't want to be a party pooper before I go to the you can count me in. I'll go to the Festival of Books no matter where they hold it.


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