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What's all of this hashtag stuff about?

Online technology continues to evolve! It's amazing how we are moving into a world where searching for keywords are improving and forcing us all to keep up and stay on top of the online world! One of the newest advances in online search is the hashtag. So many people ask us, "...what's all of this hashtag stuff about?" "...How does it work?" Below; we've put together a brief description of what hashtags are and how they work.

Hashtags (###) are used to mark keywords, topics and people. Although Twitter introduced us to #hashtags; we see them all over facebook and other social media platforms! Once a word, phrase, name is #Hashtagged; it creates an unique metafile (page) especially for that #hashtagged word or name. Everytime someone #hashtags that word, topic or name; the post are then added to its metafile page. The more #hashtags you have the more all of your #hashtagged post are saved onto one page.

When someone clicks onto the #hashtagged word, phrase or name; they are directed to the keywords page housing every post for that particular #hashtagged word, phrase or name. The popularity of #hashtags is an excellent trend in the growth of online media and social networks!

More and more corporate brands are using hashtags online in an effort to increase their online visibility and to encourage their online audiences to be a part of the conversation. Keep in mind; hashtags are not just for corporations; companies of all sizes are using hashtags and they are positively benefiting from using them.

Whether you are a corporation or an individual looking to improve your exposure online; incorporating hashtags into your online mix is a great way to start.

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