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What's a treat?

A major sabotage for every weight loss program is the need for "treats". American's tend to reward themselves with food treats. Food is a broad term because these treats are basically junk; sugar, starch, salt, fat or a deadly combination of these. Taking away these treats leads to rebellion and falling off the food plan.

As a Certified Health Coach, I want my clients to have treats. What I suggest is that the idea "treat" is broadened to non-food items. Other ways to "treat" yourself are:

  • mani-pedi at a quiet, restful salon
  • trail walking with a friend
  • taking a cooking class for healthy recipes
  • sewing, knitting or crocheting
  • starting a home remodeling project
  • developing a new music playlist
  • reading fashion magazines to see clothes you want to wear

Think of something you enjoy that is not food related and make it your treat. Invite friends to join you for non-food related activities; walking, biking, swimming, canoeing, tennis, golf, mall window shopping, playing cards or chess.

If a weight loss plan means giving up all "treats", this is a sabotage for most people. Go ahead and treat yourself .....just make it a healthy, fun treat that feeds your self esteem, not your fat cells.

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