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What's in a business name? This one STINKS

Stinky business
Stinky business

Have you ever done a search for a business and found that its name fits exactly the product or service it sells? Believe it or not, some businesses make it very difficult for a prospective customer to identify what the business is. If the name of the company is a family name, it could be confusing.

For example, take the name -- The Smith Company. What do sell? Cough drops? A blacksmith shoppe? There is no identifying tag. But if the name was -- The Smith Shoe Company -- that narrows it down a bit. Still, it could include any kind of shoe for any gender. Let's try again -- The Smith Athletic Shoe Company. We are getting closer. One more try -- The Smith Men's Athletic Shoe Company. Still have doubts? Try this on for size (pun intended):

The Smith Men's Athletic Baseball Shoe Company.

Any doubts now? Think about name -- or renaming -- your company to specifically identify what YOU DO.

So why am I writing such a non-generic business story? Because I recently friended a business on Facebook, which is located in Emmett, Idaho (a long way from southeast Michigan). I don't plan on doing business with them but I wanted to make an example of their name. Because there is no doubt about what they do.

P.U. Septic.

Now there's a name that stinks -- and it's good for business.

By the way, a catchy motto is good, too. P.U. Septic's is "You dump it -- we pump it." Nice.

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