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What Rising Star did wrong in the finale

The finale of the first season of Rising Star aired this past Sunday. The voting was via the Rising Star mobile application as usual, but the voting for the finale was hardly fair. The way they determined the winner was absolutely ridiculous, and needs to be changed for future seasons of the show.
The live voting is original and the thing of the future, no one would argue that. As long as technology is growing the way it has been, the world of entertainment needs to keep up. So You Think You Can Dance started a similar feature to their voting process last summer. Their voting is not live, but can be done via a mobile application. The idea behind live voting from the viewing audiences is brilliant, but it still forces people into a popularity contest instead of a “talent” contest, since we see the live voting score on screen.
The first episode was fresh and fun to witness. The live voting was exciting. Everyone watching was instantly a part of the action. Watching the vote percentage rise for viewer’s favorites was exciting, and seeing that the other viewers agreed with your opinions was also a nice touch for viewers. It should have not been shown on the screen after the first round though.
The problem the show ran into was when they began the “duels”. At first, it seemed like a good idea, but looking back, did the competition loose some of the best singers due to one bad song choice? Did viewers vote to save the wrong people? The duels were far from fair. It was the start of the popularity contest, for one. The other huge factor is there was no way to make the pairings fair. If they put the best against the best then you automatically send one of the best contestants home. How is that fair? Instead of the duels round, there should have been something a bit different. The people that performed that day should have all competed against the group. Then the contestants with the lowest votes for the episode would go home. Seems more fair, doesn’t it?
Let’s get into the finale and how terrible the competition got. Whoever came up with the idea to make the night a night of duels needs to find a new job. The only way it would be fair to judge the viewer’s favorite would have been to let all four contestants perform without showing the voting scores and let the overall winner of all four be the winner of the competition. Even having all four sing two songs and having the total percentage from both performances be the deciding factor, would have been a better idea. Making the final two sing a second time was a bad idea. Even worse, was the idea to set random contestants against one another to duel for the top two spots.
The true winner of the show should have been the best singer and performance from the top four. That person probably should have been Austin French. It was a singing competition, and he was the best singer of the final four. Of course, that may be an opinion, but if you listen to the comments from the judges all season, he was the best performer and boy could he sing. Jesse never did anything different to show he could sing. It was a popularity contest, but he will burn out fast just like all the other reality show winners other than the true winners.

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