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What really happened to Kristy Kelley?

Where is Kristy Kelley?
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

It's been a week since Kristy Kelley was last seen. This Friday report by the Huffington Post still draws attention to the numerous other missing women in the region, even though officials have acknowledged that Kelley's disappearance is not apparently connected to any of the others. Meanwhile, search parties continue to look for both Kristy and Joelle Lockwood -- who vanished from just about 20 miles away from where Kristy was last seen. If Kristy's case isn't connected to the other women's cases, what really happened to her?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the disappearance of the Boonville mom, such as whether or not she was intoxicated when she left her cellphone behind at a bar when she was last seen. However, it's also possible that this woman fell victim to foul play, or was somehow lured away by someone nefarious. Unfortunately, there will be no answers in this case until some kind of evidence is found in the search for her. Her vehicle -- a silver colored Nissan Xterra -- is also missing. In many cases of missing people that involve missing vehicles, the discoveries go a couple of different ways: Either a body is found with the missing vehicle, or the vehicle is found abandoned and the missing person still nowhere to be found. It'd be interesting to find out what businesses in the area have surveillance cameras, just in case anything might have been captured on camera the night Kristy vanished.

What really happened to Kristy Kelley? Hopefully that question won't remain unanswered for long. This woman left behind young children and a lot of friends and family who love her. She wasn't known to have any enemies, making it harder to believe someone may have harmed her -- but if so, would it be a stranger or someone she already knew? Was her disappearance the result of nothing more but a tragic accident, or is someone out in Warrick County getting away with a serious crime?

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