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What Racism Means to Me

Racism has become a very politically based subject. It is used so often to advance or destroy people politically. This very tender subject has become a mainstream, newsworthy, socially active clamor for attention getting and continued breeding of racism. There are those who have become rich and famous for supposedly "standing up against racism" and there are those who are already rich and famous who feel if they stand up against racism to the media that they are better people for it but it is those fore mentioned people that in my opinion are the true racists because they continue to keep racism alive and in the forefront of society. By definition Racism is a belief that some races by nature are superior to others.

If indeed true lack of racism or thereby prejudice is not thought of or felt then there would be NO NEED to differentiate when comments are made or acts of violence against one another are committed. Therefore when someone stands up and responds publically to an act of violence against people of different races they are capitalizing on the fact that one race is superior to another. If this person that comments publically or raises a fist as it were they are not defending the weak and powerless they are in a sense saying that indeed some races are superior or we would not need to defend them in such a way as to perpetuate further discord and violence.

In simpler terms is you truly feel that each person is as valuable as the next despite their background or race you will judge a situation differently because you are basing it solely on what has occurred and who the perpetrator is vs. the victim. If that perpetrator is one of your race and you stand behind that person based on your common racial background then you are racist; certainly prejudiced. If on the other hand, you see a person has committed a crime of violence against another person and they are of your racial background and you stand by the law of the land that they should be punished for such a crime then you are non-prejudiced.

As long as their are those who continue to stand behind those that commit acts of crime and or violence because they are the same color as you then you can know that you are a part of the rapid and continuing growth of Racism. When you condemn the person and not the color you are doing a service to society. It's time to move forward to a place in this country where you believe that we as individuals are not victims of society but are all worthy people who are treated as well as our behavior deserves. No special treatment needed, that implies victimhood and no one wants to be the victim.

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