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What possible Mega Evolutions would Sceptile and Swampert have?

What if?...
What if?...
Photo: Zeke Mathers

With the release of "Pokemon: Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire" slated for November of this year, the inevitable question comes: since Blaziken has received a Mega Evolution, will its Water and Grass-type counterparts have ones as well? Here are a few possibilities for if such a thing were to become reality.

First, we will look at Sceptile. The Forest Pokémon's design would be unique in that even though Blaziken and Swampert both can utilize their Hidden Abilities in Mega form, Sceptile cannot, due to the particular Ability. Unburden, which doubles the Speed stat if a held item is used, has no function for Mega Sceptile, since the held item in this case is a Mega Stone, which is used to trigger the evolution. This requires that Sceptile have a completely different Ability. Being the specially offensive Pokemon of the trio, the ideal choices would be Competitive, Adaptability, and perhaps Protean. Serperior has been designated with Contrary as its Hidden Ability, so it is unlikely that Sceptile would receive this Ability, though it would be powerful.

Swampert's Ability is less certain. It could go the way of the Blaziken and keep its Hidden Ability Damp; but with numerous attacks that carry secondary effects at its disposal, it could definitely benefit from Sheer Force, and join the ranks of fellow Ground types Nidoking and Nidoqueen. On the other hand, considering that Swampert has more bulk than either of the other starters, it could adopt a defensive change; for this option, beneficial Abilities would be Marvel Scale, Multiscale, Storm Drain, Water Absorb, and Water Veil.

The stat changes for these evolutions are fairly obvious. Sceptile's Special Attack would be boosted; its Speed would be either untouched or increased slightly; and its Attack could be raised to take advantage of the Pokémon's impressive physical move pool. Swampert would have increased Defense and Special Defense, and maybe heightened Attack, but its Special Attack and Speed are unlikely to be changed. The stat increases would need to follow the pattern that has been used for all Mega Evolutions so far, with the exception of Alakazam, meaning that the total base stat increase would need to be exactly 100. So, after analyzing the current base stats, current move pools, and current useful Abilities, this is what we arrive at for the ideal Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert.

Mega Sceptile

  • Base Stats: HP 70, ATK 120, DEF 65, SP. ATK 140, SP. DEF 95, SPD 140
  • Ability: Competitive

Mega Swampert

  • Base Stats: HP 100, ATK 125, DEF 100, SP. ATK 125, DEF 100, SPD 85
  • Ability: Sheer Force

There are far more possible evolutions than just these two, but fans of the much-loved Swampert and Sceptile can keep hope that their favorite Hoenn starter Pokemon will be able to join Blaziken in the Mega Evolution club.

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