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What path are you on by guest writer Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis is a 4th grader who God The Holy Spirit gave this beautiful prose to ask a very important question for every life on earth. If you don't Know Jesus Christ the Son of God as your Savior, your path is dark indeed - Verinda Birdsong,  Columnist
By Hannah Davis, Writer and Artist

What path are you on? Was written by one of my 4th grade Sunday school students, Hannah Davis, a born-again Christian and "scribe" for Christ. On the way to church, says Hannah, "God gave me this". Her mother Kelly Davis explained that Hannah "told me she was filled with joy" when she wrote this beautiful prose on the way to church. What The Holy Spirit gave Hannah answers with a question, the most important and probing question we need to ask ourselves. Here is was God The Holy Spirit gave to Hannah.

"There is a path that is different from the others.

"It just has light; it is never dark."

"But there is another path, that as you walk down it, it will get darker and darker until you get lost and stuck in the middle of no where, until you find the light again".

By Hannah Davis, Writer

The "light" Hannah is referring to is Jesus. He is the "Light of the World". The Gospel of John in the 1st chapter, verses 1-9 confirms That Jesus is life; and the "the life was the light of men". Verse nine confirms Jesus is the "True Light which lights every man that comets into the world". Jesus also said of Himself, I am way, truth and the life" (John 14:6). You can't connect to God Almighty without confessing you are a sinner, accepting Jesus as your Atonement for your sins and believing with your heart God raised Him from the dead. Jesus and God are "One".

If you know Jesus, your life path will be full of His life and light. If you don't choose Christ as your Master, Savior and Lord, your path will be dark and grow darker. Jesus the Light of life, God's only Son is the only way to be restored to God and to experience a relationship with Him. He died for you. He took your sins upon Himself on a rugged cross. Believe the Gospel, the good news that Jesus saves, that God so loved you that He gave His Son for your sins. Jesus rose from the dead for you so you don't have to die and never live. Get off the path that leads to darkness. You can be free in the light of Christ and on "His narrow path" (paraphrase mine) is the only "way" that brings the light God gives! Believe-receive.

I want to thank The Lord for giving this precious Word to us through Hannah. Thank you Hannah for being obedient to God.

"Jesus Light of the World shine your light on us today." Amen

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