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What parents forget to teach their adolescents

Parents are often uninformed when it comes to preparing their adolescents for college life. Many are just naive when it comes to the dangers that reside on college campuses. Today nearly one in five college students meet the diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV-TR ( American Psychiatric Association desk reference) for substance abuse dependence. A good portion of this is due to the fraternities and sororities on college campuses. This means 20% already present with signs of having an addiction.

Many parents are not as concerned when it comes to their child consuming alcohol. It has become almost like a rite of passage on college campuses. The real dangers come with binge drinking. It is imperative to educate your child on the dangers of binge drinking before they go off to college.

Binge drinking is defined for women as 4 drinks consumed in a 2 hour period. In men it is five drinks consumed within a two hour period. Why is this important? You might have raised your child with the best of intentions and instilled morals, discipline as well as integrity. Yet, even the best parent needs to be aware of the actual statistics nationwide affecting college students today.

Binge drinking is leading to deaths from alcohol mixed with Xanax, as well as other prescriptions. "The U.S. Department of Education has shown research that over 20% of young women are subjected to unwanted sexual advances from binge drinking." Often times these turn into unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, date rapes, abortions, etc.. "Nearly 19% of college students are involved in fights or other altercations from binge drinking." This is not even reflecting on criminal charges, DUI’s and other negative consequences.

Dan and John were partying with their fraternity brothers and drinking shots. The line was too long at the nightclub bathroom so they decided to go outside. A female police officer saw them and charged both with indecent exposure in public. They now have on their permanent record exposing them self in public and have to register as sexual offenders.

Their parents now get to pray that a criminal lawyer can help fight these ridiculous charges.Dan was lucky that his father could hire a high priced lawyer to get him off. His friend John was not as fortunate. His parents could not afford to hire a fancy lawyer to fight these charges. John will be forever impacted by these ridiculous charges on his permanent record for going to the restroom outside of a nightclub. Binge drinking leads to increased arrests for college students. John’s career choices have now been greatly restricted with these charges.

Binge drinking often results in black outs. "A recent large study by the NIH reported statistics that over 51% of students had admitted to experiencing blackouts from binge drinking." Some students reported experiencing multiple blackouts.Drinking has become a sport on college campuses today. It also has become the norm for many in fraternities and sororities.

Why not educate your child in advance on the dangers of binge drinking!

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