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What other God is Merciful to the point of Self-Sacrifice?

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Without beating around the bush, what other God than the Incarnate Judeo-Christian God, Jesus Christ, has loved us to the point of dying on the Cross? What other God has given us such powerful meaning in suffering? What other God offers hope of salvation in the Lion's Den, within the clutch of the persecutor? What other God loves us, not through raw power, but through self-abasement, to the point of enduring the Crucifixion of a criminal?

Certainly all other religions have truths (emphasis on certain truths, and not Absolute Truth), and all religions teach the golden rule (to some degree or another). Yet Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Eastern religions do not reveal the God of Mercy, and Love which is agape, or truly revealed in self-sacrifice. True, there is philanthropy, and family commitment in these religions, but there is not salvation through heroic self-sacrifice. Mostly, there is honorable death, but it is either associated with a desired loss of self into the Cosmic soul, or mere hope in a higher reincarnation.

But most of all there is no graced inspired imitation of the One who died for us first. For the Eastern religious, the best the Cross can be is escape from the non-reality of this current life.

Islam is also, to a certain respect, a religion of revelation. But Allah is not revealed as a God of Love, nor is he called Love as the Christian God: 'God is Love.' Allah's will is what he wills. There is no cross in Islam, except, maybe, from the fundamentalist to the victim. God the Father, as revealed by the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) loves His people (Israel) like a husband loves his wife (Hosea). Jesus Christ, moreover, reveals the Father as the Merciful, compassionate Prodigal Father.

John 3:16 reveals the Father's Word as our Crucified and Risen Savior.

The Holy Spirit, moreover, though 'He breathes where He will,' though He inspires certain truths in all faiths, reveals the fullness of Truth in Jesus Christ, the true author of genuine human Love.

Love which is Cruciform.