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What Oscar Pistorius forgot to mention before tweet on God & making a difference

Oscar Pistorius contemplates as his defense team rests in the Oscar Pistorius trial.  After the defense rested, he spent part of the weekend tweeting about his love for the Lord, and the other half in a bar fight in Sandton, South Africa.
Oscar Pistorius contemplates as his defense team rests in the Oscar Pistorius trial. After the defense rested, he spent part of the weekend tweeting about his love for the Lord, and the other half in a bar fight in Sandton, South Africa.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Twitter was all abuzz this weekend when Oscar Pistorius took a mental break from the Oscar Pistorius trial to live as "normal" a life as possible. For Oscar Pistorius that meant getting back into the tweet of things. As such, the first of the Oscar Pistorius headlines this weekend appeared after he tweeted some inspirational messages that reflected his love for God, according to the L. A. Times July 14. What was not reported until later today however, was that just hours before Oscar was tweeting on Sunday about grief, and the Lord, and making a difference in people's lives, he had been involved in a bar fight at a VIP club on Saturday night according to News 24 reporting out of Johannesburg, South Africa, today.

"Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius is facing first degree murder charges for the killing of his lover Reeva Steenkamp in the early morning hours of Valentine's Day 2013. The notoriety of the history making Olympian has led to the Oscar Pistorius trial being compared to other "trials of the century" including the O.J. Simpson trial, and the Jodi Arias trial where the accused stood trial for the first degree murders of their lovers.

Oscar Pistorius does not deny shooting a human being that evening, but denies knowing that the human being was his girlfriend, 29-year-old Reeva Steenkamp. The State has alleged that his testimony has a number of holes in it, and that he and Reeva had a fight that evening and Oscar knew exactly who he was shooting at in Johannesburg, South Africa, on February 13, 2013.

Last week the defense rested their case, after the State left the last witness for the defense admitting that Oscar had an intention to kill someone that evening. The Oscar Pistorius trial has been in recess ever since, as both sides prepare their closing arguments for Judge Thokozile Masipa who will provide the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius.

For the last few days, Oscar Pistorius has not had any obligations in the way of legal matters or psychiatric clinic visits, and has begun to resume life in a normal fashion by all accounts. The L. A. Times reported just this morning that Oscar Pistorius had "broken his silence" on Twitter this past weekend.

The last known Oscar Pistorius tweet occurred on Valentine's Day 2014, on the one year anniversary of the night the love story between Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius ended.

The L.A. Times reports today that on Sunday, Oscar Pistorius gave the world a peek at what he has been up to in the few quiet days since the trial ended. If one were to form an opinion about how Oscar has been spending his time based on these tweets alone, one would think Oscar Pistorius was spending his time during the trial recess in quiet reflection with the Lord.

The first tweet that appeared on the Oscar Pistorius page since the anniversary of Reeva Steenkamp's homicide, was a picture quoting a Psalm, with the verse, "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted."

The next tweet of Oscar's on Sunday was a tweet reaching out to those that still remember him as the Blade Runner. The ones that are rooting for him at the sidelines until he crosses this finish line. The ones that remember his history making changes at the Olympics, and the ones that remember the multiple gold medal winning Paralympic hero.

For them Oscar posted a beautiful collage of inspirational photographs of amputee children. The quote for that collage read, "You have the ability to make a difference in someones [sic] life."

That inspirational meme was followed with a Bible verse meme, "The salvation of man is through love and in love."

This is not the first that the world has heard of Oscar's love for the Lord and Christianity. Many saw him using a rosary during his trial, the psychiatric report listed him as a "Christian", and Oscar himself testified that Reeva also was "a very good Christian."

In tears during his testimony, Oscar wept about the sweet nature of Reeva,

"She would pray about my traveling and all of the small things in my life."

Hard to argue with a man that is leaning on God, but is that the whole story?

As far as Oscar's weekend is concerned, no.

What Oscar didn't tweet about this weekend was the bar fight that he got into when someone started picking on him about the celebrity status of the Oscar Pistorius trial, according to News 24 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This report from News 24 came just hours after L.A. Times piece about the love that Oscar Pistorius has for the world, and for making a difference in people's lives.

News 24 reports that just hours before Oscar Pistorius was tweeting those Bible verses, he was making a difference in the life of a VIP nightclub goer in Sandton, South Africa, the evening of July 12. And here we have another situation where Oscar's version of events differ slightly from the victim in question.

Oscar's version of events is that while at the nightclub Saturday evening, a fellow club goer "became aggressive" towards Oscar. Oscar requested that the aggressive individual leave him alone. According to Oscar Pistorius, Oscar then left the nightclub.

News 24 is also reporting that the official spokesperson in the Oscar Pistorius camp on such matters, Annelise Burgess, has confirmed that the incident occurred. News 24 also reports today that the other individual involved in this incident has a different version of events than Oscar Pistorius.

The man involved in the altercation is a man named Jared Mortimer. He alleges that Oscar Pistorius was drunk and was the one to initiate the aggressive behavior with him. He states that during a conversation, Oscar Pistorius began poking him "in the chest and bragged that he'd never get the better of him" according to News 24.

The conversation escalated to physical according to Jared Mortimer, who then reportedly pushed Oscar until Oscar fell on the ground. Bouncers from the club at this point stepped in, and it was at that point that Oscar Pistorius left the nightclub, according to Jared Mortimer.

Oscar's own camp has confirmed that an incident in a nightclub occurred. It would be hours later when Oscar Pistorius would be tweeting about making a difference in people's lives.

Closing arguments in the Oscar Pistorius trial will begin August 7, after which Judge Masipa will determine which side of the many sides of Oscar Pistorius she believes.

In a brilliant essay showcasing the two different sides of Oscar Pistorius, the New York Post offered the opinion of an author and expert criminologist who has been commenting to The Guardian on this case. On the case expert Anthony Altbeker said,

"We know he shot Reeva. The question is why. The only person who can answer that is Oscar himself. He's left room for doubt about whether he'll tell the whole truth. I think the default conviction is murder, it takes a lot of imagination to see things Oscar's way."

How much imagination does one need to believe Oscar's side of the story in this altercation this time?

Is anybody shocked by the latest Oscar antics? Can we expect more of these in the future while the world waits for the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius trial where he stands trial for, acting too aggressively on someone in his first degree murder charges?

What do you think about this?

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