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What "organic" means to some men in the dating world

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The new, “gentle” way guys are telling you they want to go back to their place can be confused as a sincere, non-sexual appreciation of your company. It comes out of their mouths in some version or another similar to this: “I just want to have something with someone that’s totally organic,” or “I want things to happen organically”. Organic, home-grown, free-range. Are you thinking, “Awww, how cute. He must shop at Trader Joe's”? Well, babygirl, he shops at nowhere, because he only knows how to order food over the phone or have someone sleepover who can make him food. "Organic" means to these fellas something like, "Hey Boobs McGee. Don't give me grief. We should probably go back to my place & be inappropriate until I fall asleep; then, I'll wake up disgruntled and fake nice a la Jon Hamm in Bridesmaids. If I don't pass out by the time you're gone, I'll tell you how you're no longer my number 3".

Feel free to heartily laugh when someone says that he likes organic relationships to you. There really is no point in filtering rudeness after the organic comment. You organically find it funny that he wants to be super laid back and not a jerk for wanting to not really talk to you but have saucy time with you instead. Maybe that's your cup of tea, but maybe to you, organic means non-GMO. Maybe organic means having at least a few dates before you can decide that he isn't a serial killer. Maybe organic means that you don't want to be the antagonist to his want to run your own story. Maybe organic shouldn't mean whatever any rushy fella wants it to mean when it works for him.

These men (probably some women too, but since I haven't dated women, I know none like this) maybe aren't obnoxious people, maybe not selfish, maybe not unrealistic. Or maybe this kind of "maybe" talk is what forgives traits that we normally wouldn't let fly by. Moral of the story: leave organic talk to the agricultural business.