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What on earth can dolls offer in stories

New York Doll Artist, Nancy Wiley, uses her doll artwork as illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Courtesy of Nancy Wiley

Hello New York Doll Collectors and all doll collectors of the world!

We talked in our last article about doll story books, that bring to us, inspiration, in addition to being a collectible. I brought up my own book of short stories, as an example of how characters within each narration, can become captivated by doll art forms; that the lives of the characters are forever changed from obstacles or challenges to a time of triumph and victory; all simply by being in contact with a doll art form which endues inspiration; Inspiration, that would essentially alter the fortunes of characters. Incidentally the book is called Sounds Like A Doll. It’s a title that aims to remind us that whenever we hear terms like, inspiration, adorable, collectible, treasure, heirloom, beautiful or even artistic, we can definitely tie them to dolls!

But I wanted to bring attention to the book by Ann M. Martin, the author of the Doll People. If you are not familiar with this book, in short it is about a family of porcelain dolls, who are displayed in a beautifully described doll house, that has been passed down from generations. These wonderful dolls, come to life when their owner is either off to sleep or when the whole human house hold, have all gone for the day or for the weekend. These dolls seek adventures, but are very careful of not being caught moving, by a human. Otherwise they could either go into doll state (when they are frozen and can no longer move until such time is up) or permanent doll state (when they will become a regular non moving doll. They will never be able to move again). It’s a fascinating tale of dolls that come alive, and as a family, they chat, sing, tour the human house, and find and run into adventures.

Why on earth did I bring this book up? And why this book? Because doll books are treasures as well as the doll itself. These books of stories that involve our beloved dolls, have a place in doll collectibility. Dolls are taken to a higher stand, a higher pedestal. A story is built with the doll in mind, and creates such an atmosphere of excitement and of course inspiration.

Next time, we take a look at New York doll artist and painter, Nancy Wiley.

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