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What ombre' technique are you

When ombre' first came full force into the salon it was bold or go home. Although after making it's abrupt debut, ombre's technique began to evolve to all walks of life causing it to adapt into many methods and looks.

This is a very subtle color at the bottom.  It is not flamboyant and goes well with her base color.
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Go For The Gusto

This is the entire bottom a very drastic color faded into an extremely contrasting color. Whether it's black on top faded into white, to black on top with pink on the bottom, extreme is a little more upkeep but well worth it if you love to turn heads.

More Bohemian Style

This is less of a difference between the bottom color and the base. It is a more like a "washed out" look that is more natural kinda looking. Like the sun faded it not like you went to the salon and someone created it. This one is a little more difficult to pull off as it is not easy to make something look created by nature.

Less Is More

Whether the color is extreme or not only putting a few ombre' pieces in the bottom will give a more natural effect and be extremely easy to get rid of later. This adds some accent without too long of a commitment if done close enough to the edge. Giving you risk free hair color. Fun for summer teachers who can only commit to fun colors for their months off and then they can cut off the last of it before school starts again!

Ombre' is a great way to control your level of commitment. If you're not ready to commit only ombre' the bottom and that way you can cut it out easily if need be. Either way if your not ready to cut it, then at least you know it won't take long to get rid of it this way. Imagine if it were on your entire head and you had to wait until it grew out from there! This is also wonderful if you like to change colors often. It makes it easier for you once the pattern is there.

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