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What not to Wrestle With

You have considered encouraging your children on joining a sports team. You would like them to have a healthy competitive spirit, and not be sore losers if they don’t happen to win. For instance, if they choose wrestling, you may be concerned that they may be focus solely on achieving titles and show signs of aggression outside of the ring. As they become immersed in this activity, you start to find that you are unconsciously searching the news for anything that has to do with the sport of their choice. As you look through the news, print or television, you want to find inspiring stories to show your children the true meaning of sportsmanship. The latest reports are great examples of how one wrestling athlete didn’t just focus on winning the game, but saw his opponent as a fellow human being going through his own struggles:
In Minnesota, at Xcel Energy Center, there were two high school students competing in a wrestling match for a state title, Class 3A. The winner turned out to be Mitchell McKee from Michael Albertville High School. He won by pinning down Malik Stewart from Blaine High School. Malik showed true sportsmanship by not only shaking hands with Mitchell and his coaches, he also shook hands and hugged Mitchell’s father, who is battling cancer. This young man showed great composure and compassion beyond his years and the crowd of spectators recognized this. They all rose to their feet to give both athletes a standing ovation.
By a great example like this news story, you can easily show your kids that it is best to see the bigger picture and then all opponents can become winners in life.

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