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What NOT to say on social media

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Social media has become the ultimate outlet for many to exercise their First Amendment, which means throwing out their filters, displaying ratchet behavior, and taking their internet courage to the max, all for the sake of getting some ooohs from the cyber world. Social Media is the last thing that a small town like Harrisburg Pa needs because once the truth surfaces and the insecurities are exposed we realize that we wake up every day in a depressed city filled with miserable people who can't live without the drama that social media allows them to bask in. What many fail to realize is that just because you can doesn't mean you should, and when it's all said and done you only end up hurting yourself and limiting your own opportunities, both personally and professionally.

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Remember that scene from the Grinch who stole Christmas after his heart grew, and all of who-ville was standing around the Christmas tree holding hands and singing that Who-ville Christmas song? That's how I picture Harrisburg to be one day and here are a few steps to help point us in that direction.

1. No Filter/tough guy
The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously and 9 times out of 10 when you see a #NoFilter they usually find that filter before they step into reality, however, that defeats the purpose of your online persona and the growth and maturity you need to display. Even when you step away or log off of a social site people can still see what you have posted. You never know who knows who and your future boss might come across your profile and feel as though you're too hostile or ignorant for their company. Every time you speak your filter should be turned on; never get so comfortable or cocky that you’re willing to risk it all. If you're going to act tough be sure you can back it up; there will always be that one person who will call your bluff, and do you really want to be known among the towns people as an internet thug?

2. Grow Up
If you have a problem with someone, be grown enough to bring the issue to them personally for a resolution, if you can't bring the issue straight to that person, but you make a virtual scene, it's safe to say you still have some growing up to do. To be frank, social media "fights" are boring and it only proves that you have too much time on your hands and your fingers have more heart than you do. When someone said 40 was the new 20 it was meant to complement physically, yet, it insults mentally on a daily basis in Harrisburg Pa. Trust me, you don’t want to be that woman known for discussing another woman's vaginal odor or that man known as a gossip girl on social media because once its out there it's out there. Make sure that whatever you say, wherever you say it, can be repeated, re-posted, or screen shot.

3. Baby mama/daddy drama
Obviously you two are no longer together nor do you respect each other, otherwise, you would have more respectable names to call one another. Talking about your child’s parent just makes the whole family look dysfunctional especially you and the way your parents raised you. You talk about how this person has no money, no job, won't take care of their responsibilities, "ain’t" no good, and it’s complicated? You come off as foolish, hateful, and scorned. You have to take responsibility for the fact that you reproduced with such a horrible person at your own free will. The person who suffers the most is your own child. Leave the past in the past and hang that laundry out to dry after you wash it.

4. Private life
Where is it written that says you must tell your private life details via social media. Who you have sex with, who you went to the movie with, who came to your house, etc., is nobody's business but who you do it with. Unfortunately, too many people on social media allow their emotions and wrong intentions get in the way of rationality. Getting caught up in going back and fourth to prove someone wrong or to make a meaningless point only makes it look like you have issues. It’s quite alright to keep your audience guessing and give them room to speculate even if you have to throw in a little “maybe” to give them something to chew on. Yes, your information maybe set to private and that’s what we all think but even with that thought others can still see that you like "big booty bitches", or the "KKK", or "ratchet street fights" which will raise an eye brow on whether or not you are a liability or even worth someones time.

Not only should these irrelevant things not be on display on social media they shouldn't be showcased in real life either. Your online persona is how people find out what they need to know about you in seconds. Should they hire you? Are you marriage material? Can you be trusted? These are the questions that can be answered based on what you put out there. Of course nobody is perfect but don’t let social media pull your pants down on stage and take a picture.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article I appreciate you more then you could ever imagine. Be sure to hit the subscribe button at the top of this article for future articles fresh off the press! I invite you to join my network on LinkedIn, like my business page at The Image Czar , follow me on twitter, check out Czar Entertainment, and lets be friends on Facebook. Thanks again, talk to you soon!



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