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What not to drink when it comes to beer

Worst beer
Worst beer

Have you ever wanted to know what beer that you should not buy from the stores, no matter how bad that you have wanted that nice cold beer. Here is a list of the best of the worst beers.
10) Busch Beer - This beer claims to be a smooth and refreshing beer with natural ingredients; however, it is just too bad that you can't find any of that in the taste
9) Budweiser and Clamato - Budweiser does make some good beers, though this is not one of them. Clamato goes great with a bloody mary, but not with beer.
8) Miller Genuine draft 64 - To be fair this beer does taste okay and with only 64 calories you can drink a lot of them. But it does come at a very high price point and is just not worth the money
7) Old English - It says a lot when your best seller of beer comes in a 40 oz. bottle.
6) Steel Reserve - The smell of this beer should keep you away from it, it does seem to have a cult following though.
5) Natural Ice - This beer is usually the first beer that is brought up when someone says cheap beer.
4) Budweiser select 55- This beer has the same problem as the Miller beer does, the price point is just to high for what you pay.
3) Ice House - This beer has a great beer history as it came from the awesome Plank Road Brewery; however, it is too bad the flavor profile of the beer is just so horrible.
2) Gluek - This beer is made by Cold Spring Brewery in Minneapolis and though Minneapolis does have some great beers this is not one of them
1) Yuengling - This beer is very popular among locals and in the region, but it tastes more like water then beer.

So next time you go out and enjoy your beer, don't have one of these beers. Enjoy and drink safe.

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