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What Milwaukeeans can do for Earth Day

Milwaukee residents have many choices to celebrate Earth Day. It could be as simple as picking up after your dog, having fun making seed bombs to create a butterfly garden, or contributing to the safety of the migratory song birds.

The Wisconsin Humane Society has a bird monitoring program and they always need volunteers. This activity recovers injured migratory birds in the spring and the fall at various locations around the county. It is pleasant for the volunteer and invaluable for the survival of many bird species.

Planting a butterfly garden is also very beneficial to the environment, a good glimpse into nature and very educational for children. This is a family project. Take peat moss, clay and mixed wildflower seeds, be sure to include milk weed for the Monarch butterflies, mix all of the ingredients and make them into small balls. As soon as the weather allows toss the “bombs” in the area where you plan your butterfly garden and you will have butterflies visiting your yard all summer.

Every dog owner knows to clean-up after their dog. Not only is this the law, but it is beneficial to public health. There are three ways to dispose of dog waste, one is to pick it up with a plastic bag or pooper scooper, another is to bury it and a third is to wash it away. The plastic bag or pooper scooper is the most convenient but many people find this offensive. For those people carry a small shovel in a plastic bag and dig a hole about six inches deep, scoop up the feces with the shovel and place it into the hole making sure that there is no remains left and fill in the hole. Hosing down the feces is easiest in your backyard.

Whatever you do to celebrate Earth Day carry the activity through the year.

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