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What men see when they see you


Courtesy of Photobucket

Three years ago I encountered something new. I wasn't sure what my purpose was nor did I consciously see it going anywhere. All I knew was that It was interesting; and like a train wreak I couldn't look away. As I clicked and searched; read and squinted; laughed and frowned, I realized something. I realized why I needed to do exactly what I'm doing now; why it is urgent and necessary for me, a man, to bring it to the surface. I realized that there are women out there who just don't have a clue about what men want.

Case in point, I frequent several social networking sites; BlackPlanet, MySpace, Facebook, etc. And it never fails that I run across a profile of a nice looking woman with a tag line like, "What's up dis yo girl reppin da 614", or whatever 'hood' she might claim to be 'reppin'. And before I even read the profile I have pretty much determined how old she is, how wounded she is, and how successful she's been at her search for "Mr Right"; because of course, somewhere in her profile it says "Looking for Mr. Right". 

Listen ladies, if you go searching for oil, you have to have the right equipment. You can not expect to find a 'good man' with a picture of your ta'tas sitting right next to a homegrown picture of you and your kid. Bottom line, you are sending the wrong message and using all the wrong tools.

Keep in my mind the quality of your image, determines the quality of the man. You put out booty shots; you get one hitter-quit-hers. You put out raunchy pics of you and your girls 'reppin yo hood', standing in front of a Mercedes spray painted on a wall; you get the guy drinking a forty, right next to it. Again, bottom line, you are sending the wrong message.

Ladies, we men are simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure some of us out. We're like lions circling a heard of gazelles ready to move in for the kill; only difference, some men are genuinely predators and they prey on the weak. And the image you portray of yourself is the first sign of weakness.

Just remember, what men see is what men think. It's just that simple.

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