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What men really want

Confidence? I think yes.
Confidence? I think yes.

What men really want is something that women have been trying to figure out for centuries.   There are a variety of specific answers, depending on either the man or the woman in question. The problem is that women often get too embroiled in the details regarding a certain person. While doing this, women will sometimes change a lot of things about themselves in order to cater to that certain man.  Then when the next man (assuming that there is one) comes along, these specific personality traits may or may not be what he is looking for.  Contrary to popular belief, there are a couple of characteristics that almost every man wants.  This is an incredibly simple list, but one that is often overlooked.

For example, a man likes a woman to be confident. Whatever their relationship , a man will never complain that a woman loves her body too much! If she is comfortable with it and with herself (this is just a common example-it could be a certain quirk, personality trait, etc that she loves about herself) then a man will not feel  like he has to be so careful what he says around her.  If a woman is uncomfortable with something and therefore sensitive about it, a man will often feel like he is treading on treacherous water, which will make both of them even more uncomfortable.

Being able to have a good time by yourself or with your girlfriends is also extremely important. If you rely on your significant other for all fun and entertainment, itwill get old very quickly. In addition to you not being able to enjoy yourself without him, it is very likely that this will scare him... The reason is that if he is your sole source of enjoyment, that puts an incredible amount of pressure on him to provide that, and it will almost certainly stress him out. Learn to be happy with yourself-every guy finds it sexy!  If they see a girl out with her friends that is laughing and having a good time, it is far more likely that they will come up and talk to you than if you are sitting and sulking over not having a guy to share the night with.

So really, if you are interested in attracting and keeping a man around, these two simple things make a big difference!  To sum it all up, be happy internally so that it makes you glow externally, and be confident in yourself and all that you do. In addition to attracting more guys, you and everyone around you will be happier.