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What Men Can Do To Attract Women Like Crazy!

Are you a single male wanting to meet Ms Right or simply wanting to go on dates with more women? I wanted to write a blog post for you today because I want you to have an amaaazing love life! Summer is right around the corner and it's just not the season to be single, lonely and eating pizza with your buddies every weekend while playing PS 4 (or whatever it is you like to play!). Summer is a time to mingle, meet people, and have some fun. If you live on the East coast like me then after this brutal winter, you all need to take advantage of each and every day of summer. Let's get started:

1. Take extra time to look a little more styilsh. I am not saying you have to wear pink skinny jeans and that $400 blazer from Bloomingdales. No. But you do need to update your wardrobe especially if you're always wearing the same old stained t-shirt and baggy jeans! Women like men who look good. They like men who take some care with their appearance. They like men who keep up with the fashion trends. You don't need to go overboard, but do start to take notice what other "trendy" men are wearing, and try to emulate some of their style. Ask a female friend, or a stylish male bud of yours to accompany you shopping. Buy a few new items and mix and match! You want to look fresh for summer! Women will be checking you out if you took the time to look nice, and they do notice the details, so please don't miss the basics (specifically grooming--nails, hair, smell, etc,) Just like men have different tastes in women, women also have certain preferences. Play up what is attractive about you and you will have women around you all night long!

2. Go out with the aim of meeting two new single ladies each night. The women you approach do not need to be your exact type, they don't need to be gorgeous supermodels and they also don't have to be women you're not really attracted to (for those men who are easily intimated by women they have the hots for!). It's good practice to approach and talk to women. You get a feel for what each woman likes, and the approach that works best with your personality. So, don't over think it (and stop worrying what your buddies think) and just go over to a girl who looks nice (or whatever it is you like) and strike up a conversation. If she's not single, or is uninterested, make small talk and then excuse yourself! Rejection is really not a big deal. Women are also scared of rejection, and the truth is they want to be approached by men! Even if he's not Brad Pitt. They want to meet YOU! So go out and talk to more women each and every day!

3. Ask for her phone number. Please don't ask her for her email, Facebook ID or any other nonsense! Differentiate yourself from the other male moonpies out there, and ask a woman for her phone number! Don't offer to give her yours, either. Be the leader and a woman will appreciate the gesture. Call her a day or two after and suggest getting together. Get out there and get some dates lined up!

4. Act more chivalrous. Chivalry is not dead. Women love men who hold open the door for them, who pay for dinner, who bring flowers, who are attentive and sweet. Show her you are a gentlemen and she will be eating out of your hand all night! There is a decline in chivalrous behavior. If you are the man who can bring some of it back, she will definitely be bragging to her friends about you. The little things do matter, and they don't take much time either. Next time you're on a date, offer to pick her up, open and close the car door for her, reach out and kiss her hand! They are such small, sweet gestures, but they are just huge in a woman's mind.

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