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What matters is not more money but classroom teacher quality

American elementary and secondary students are lagging behind their peers in the the developed world. Their educational attainment in science mathematics and reading can be described as poor by all standards. We now know putting high-quality teachers in the United States classrooms is the only sure solution.

Every credible study has confirmed teacher quality is the lever that drives student learning. However, policy-makers seem to think more money is the solution although there is no credible evidence. It is also surprising no person seems to know what is the minimum or maximum funding is required per student. As a result the fear that the American education system will continue to decline without more money appears to be the only reason why almost everybody is for more money for schools.

Once, Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of the Department of Education was quoted saying most of the nation’s schools, colleges, and departments of education are doing a very poor work of preparing teachers found in the American classrooms.

Fortunately, the conclusion is supported by many studies. It will make more sense to use the money to train high-quality teachers than providing more money per student.

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