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Who makes up the Tea Party?

Real people, real places!
Real people, real places!
Gerald J. Furnkranz

Constantly we hear the Tea Party is dead! The Tea Party is no more! The Tea Party has no more influence! We hear this from not only democrat detractors, but republicans too. Why does the Tea Party draw so much animosity?

Tea Party People mobilize!
Gerald J. Furnkranz

What or who is this Tea Party organization that draws the ire of so many Americans? This is just my idea of the Tea Party. It was born out of grassroots America. People, individuals fed up with the abuses of government came together with individual motivation to do something about it.

Thoughtless and wasteful spending motivating government to excessive and oppressive taxation of the people was one of the issues that started the movement. Ignoring the Constitution and usurping the freedoms of the people was another. Corrupt government officials, the emergence of American royalty sucking the life from the nation and its people still another.

Simple common folk decided to stand against the rotting attitude of its institutions. It started like a lightning strike, flames bursting forth all over the land. It was noticed. Then some with desire for larger organizations exploited the movement for those organizations. Some of them are good, like smaller political parties. But, they are not the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is made up of small, regional groups, holding meetings, informing, communicating and educating about what is going on in the nation. Warnings about Trojan Horse programs like UN Agenda 21 and Common Core infiltrating American Society to take the freedoms of the people. Highlighting laws like Illegal Immigration Amnesty that are merely political power grabs and have no positive value for America.

Still, they are not the primary power of the Tea Party movement. That goes to individuals who think for themselves. Some of them belong to Tea Party groups. Many of them don’t. They are out there on their own, fighting and writing for the cause of American freedom and the Constitution. Their ears are to the wind and they arise when they hear the threats of tyranny. That is what makes them so dangerous.

Those against the Constitution trying to steal the freedoms of the American people like to select a Tea Party group or individual to represent the entire Tea Party! They like to attack the actions or words of a few to cast aspersions on the Tea Party movement. Their slander of the Tea Party is a slander of the American people.

The Tea Party is people that believe in the America our great fathers founded. They believe in truth, justice and the American way, not the lust for profit and power of the governmental royalty. This is in the heart of individuals considering themselves compatible with the movement. They rise to action when the warning horn is blown. These are the “Minute Men” of the Tea Party movement!