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What Makes Up a Keith Lemon Costume?

Keith Lemon Costume
Keith Lemon Costume

Fewer TV celebrities measure up to Keith Lemon in terms of being an icon for an entire generation. He is the man behind the very popular and highly rated Celebrity Juice, and more than that, he is known for his love for fancy dress costumes. When thinking of putting on the Keith Lemon Costume, you have to adhere to who the man has become. For example, some of the staples regarding such costume include green printed t-shirt, elastic red trousers, white blazer fitted with metallic gold studs, and a white belt. Obviously, the costume is more than this.

Each aspect of a Keith Lemon Costume has its own identity. For example, the white belt is incomplete without the silver skull as well as the cross bone. These little details are paramount when you truly want to talk about the costume of a man known all over the world as a TV icon. It may be a he task asking you to dress up exactly like him, but you should work as hard as you can so that you are as close to the costume as possible. Keith Lemon, even though few recognize him when he uses his real name, is a proper Englishman, but with a unique dressing style.

As the Keith Lemon Costume shows, you can transform yourself to look exactly like Keith Lemon. When you put on the Keith Lemon Costume, you must imitate the man as closely as possible. The way you do this is by developing a flamboyant character, while ensuring that you always put on flashy attire. The flamboyant character and the flashy attire will go together quite nicely. Without the two, no matter how closely you try to copy Keith Lemon’s manner of dressing, you will not have achieved much, and may struggle convincing others.

Keith Lemon has taken part in a number of TV shows and films. Therefore, this opens the door to many who may want to try putting on the Keith Lemon Costume to use their imagination to the fullest. You could try any of the costumes he has put on in any of his past TV shows and films. As long as you can pull it through, you will convince those watching you that you are as close to the real or original person as possible. The key to wearing this costume successfully is to get all the correct parts, and align them together until they make sense.

Since you are definitely not the real Keith Lemon, you should ensure that you get a wig that is as close to the real thing as possible. Gold wig is as close as to the real thing as you will get. The gold wig will serve you well as you endeavor to wear the Keith Lemon Costume. With the gold wig, you will still be short of something else. You still need the gold eyebrows and gold moustache. Fortunately, you can buy all of these and put them on as part of the costume that ensures you are your own copy or version of Keith Lemon.

If you receive an invitation asking you to attend a fancy dress party whose theme is TV celebrities, do not hesitate to look for the Keith Lemon Costume. His is a costume that many already identify with, and you will have no problem acting the part. Simply wearing the costume does not do it much good. You still have to study about the person and learn whatever you can about his mannerisms, since this is the surest way of presenting yourself as Keith Lemon and convincing the other people at the party that you are the real deal.