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What makes a winner?

The intense desire to be a winner
The intense desire to be a winner
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Almost every person in the world has an intense desire to be a winner, whether educated or uneducated. How many times as the number is being read in a drawing, do you look at the ticket you are holding? Your excitement grows, as you study your ticket, and you have one winning number followed by another. I bet every time you are in a drawing, every lottery ticket you buy, every contest you enter; you have the hope of winning.

To win at life, to win a contest, to achieve, you must nurture your character.

Number 1: Know who you are. By knowing who you are you will be able to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses. When you know yourself, you can polish your attitude, your character, your talents, and your skills. When you are secure in yourself…no one can knock you down.

Number 2: Dream: Cherish your dreams your goals, hold on to them, nurture them, they are the blueprints of your achievements. The awards go to those who believe in their dreams.

Number 3: Love your character: Your character will protect you. Don’t care what others think, dare to express yourself by being your authentic self.

Number 4: No excuses: An excuse makes you second it does not make you number one. Do not let an excuse cheat you out of all you can be.

Number 5: Continue to learn: Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the power of winners.

Number 6: Time is limited: Do not waste a precious second of life in idleness. Explore life, love life; Time is not money because you cannot accumulate time. You can’t regain time that is lost. You can’t borrow time for the future. Use your time wisely today so you can be a winner tomorrow.

Number 7: Do not judge others. Remember you are not dealing with flesh and bones you are dealing with emotions and feelings. A winner encourages others. A loser deflates them.

Number 8: Work hard: Words and thoughts alone will not make you a winner. Half an effort does not produce results. Hard work produces winners. Rarely does something happen without effort.

Number 9: Protect your health: A winner understands taking care of your health is important in the overall effort in striving to be a winner.

Number 10: Value other men and women: Teamwork makes visions come true. No one is an island. Winners lift others to be winners.

Number 11: Trust: Trust your instincts, trust your ideas, and trust that you are a winner.

Number 12: Be kind. If you are kind, you are a winner.

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