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What love song did Norman Reedus have on repeat while filming his Bethyl scenes?

Apparently, Daryl is still thinking about Beth. He is still thinking about her so much that in early April, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead, tweeted a song which he said that he listened to repeatedly while filming his Season 4 Bethyl scenes with Emily Kinney.

Behind the scenes with Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney
AMC The Walking Dead

“Just listened to the whole bethdaryl episode on repeat Very Nervous and Love by J Mascis on Spotify,” Reedus tweeted on April 8th.

When referring to the characters of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Green (Emily Kinney) as potential love interests, fans like to use the mashup of ‘Bethyl’.

But just how real is the possibility that Bethyl might still become a couple as Season 5 begins shooting this summer? When we last saw Beth, she had been kidnapped by a black car driven by a mystery person. Is Beth still alive? Was Daryl falling in love with her?

Apparently, Reedus can't get enough of this song and the memories of Bethyl. The lyrics to the song are as follows:

Very Nervous and Love by J Mascis

Tell me why you broke
Tell me ‘cause I’m nervous and love
I’ve been thinking less
I’ve been thinking out loud… to prayers
Tell me where we are
Tell me ‘cause we never get far

And I’ve tried my only hand
And I’ve tried to keep it simple
You just couldn’t understand

I’ve been holding back
I’ve been holding pieces entrapped
I don’t know what’s wrong
I don’t know my reasons
So long
Hope has left me here
Hope has left me wonderin’
And I feel

And I’m s’pposed to be so free
And the darkness pulls me over
Why did it have to be me?

I can’t speak my mind
I can’t even speak
I’m fine
Tell me why’d you go
Tell me ‘cause I’m nervous
Take it slow

I don’t see you wait
I don’t see you coming
It’s a dream

And it’s falling off of it
Thought I’d never have to face it
Something hard is here in still

What do you think? Will Beth return to The Walking Dead in Season 5, or is she already dead?

Sidenote: Looking for a great montage of pictures on the evolution of Bethyl? Check out this well done list Daryl and Beth Walking Dead Romance in Pictures from the fine folks over at

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