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What Lebron to Cleveland means for the Rockets (UPDATED)

Chris Bosh would have been a great addition for the Rockets.
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Lebron James' poignant letter announcing his return to Cleveland is the big news of the sports day.

And in the end, it was another kick in the teeth for Rockets fans, too.

The Rockets thought they had a deal for a max contract with Chris Bosh. But late Friday he decided to return to Miami for $31 million more. The Rockets could have made everything work well enough to sign Bosh and match Chandler Parsons' offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks. It would have made them serious players.

Now? They basically have two days to land someone else -- and not many big fish are left -- before they have to make a decision on Parsons.

What looked so promising for most of Friday went south in a hurry. Now the Rockets are looking at Plan C or D.

Worst case? They bring back the same team minus Parsons.

They could also match on Parsons, keep Lin and Asik and basically bring back the same team that lost in the first round of the playoffs. That would be a disappointment. Parsons will essentially be the third of the Rockets' "Big three," and you have to question if that is really good enough. Plus, is he worth a max deal? Realistically, no. But the Rockets options seem to be drying up fast.

Best case?

They still make something happen with someone other than Bosh. There are not a lot of options out there, but Daryl Morey has done his best work by catching everyone off guard.

Apparently, Bosh caught them off guard and the Rockets are trying not to be left standing when the game of musical chairs ends.

Things continue to move fast. What will happen next?

Stay tuned.

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