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What Kind of World do you Want - A Weekend Challenge

We have spent the week pondering resolutions. Our entire journey as Evangelicals is to move closer to God in his plan to redeem a fallen world. The issue is that he wants to get us to do a big part of that work. He has asked us to be his messengers of love, grace, mercy, and redemption. If we want things to be different it is up to us to work toward the change we want. We need to be the world we want to see.

So much of our lives we coast or struggle along putting up with things we do not really accept. Perhaps we cannot change everything but every small change can contribute to the big changes we need to do our part in reclaiming the world that we have destroyed. I am not talking about going green on everything, even though planetary stewardship is part of our responsibility. I am talking about the world we walk and move in with our family, friends, and fellow man.

Take some time over the weekend to build a plan to change the world around you in a couple of small areas. Find a habit or two that are not helping others follow Christ and remove them from your life. The future starts now. Make the world one that shows your love for Christ. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.



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