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What kind of cage is best for your ferret? Ask the Oregon Ferret Shelter

Pictures here is the Oregon Ferret Shelter's favorite ferret cage, Quality Cage Company's 3-Story Ferret Mansion
Pictures here is the Oregon Ferret Shelter's favorite ferret cage, Quality Cage Company's 3-Story Ferret Mansion
by Jeni Clark

There are many small animal cages available on the pet market, but few are perfect for keeping ferrets. A new ferret owner may buy the biggest and most expensive cage at the pet store, only to find that it is completely wrong – the ferret escapes, the ferret huddles inside miserably, or the cage is too difficult to clean. Why make keeping a pet harder than it has to be? Invest in a good cage, and you’ll be able to focus on the fun instead of the chores.

The Oregon Ferret Shelter (OFS) has had years of experience of ferret-keeping. They have discovered that a cage needs:

  • Small bar placement width (to keep ferrets from squeezing through the bars)
  • A door that allows easy access to all points of the cage
  • Bars that can have things clipped to them like hammocks and food dishes
  • An easy-to-clean surface

The Oregon Ferret Shelter uses a specific brand of cage. Portland is fortunate in that it is the location of one of the best cage makers in the pet industry: Quality Cage Company. Quality Cage worked with Chris Mathis, the owner of the OFS, to create a cage that satisfies all of the specific needs of their shelter.

You can purchase this cage from Quality Cage Company. It is called the 3-Story Ferret Mansion.

This particular cage has all of the elements discussed above. The wires are set close together and reinforced. The door is placed so that one can access the entire cage. There are strong side bars to which hammocks and dishes can be fastened. And the cage can be cleaned every day or pressure-washed as needed, especially if you buy the galvanized surface. It is a sturdy and well-made habitat.

The best part of this type of cage, from the OFS’ point of view, is that each story of the cage can be sealed off to serve a different ferret, or the cage can be opened up to house multiple ferrets. This gives the shelter flexibility in socializing ferrets. If a ferret is social and likes to be with a partner, then the cage can be changed to grant access to other ferrets. If a ferret does not like other ferrets, he or she can have a home to themselves. This can help you as an owner if you decide to have multiple ferrets. You can take time to introduce new ferrets slowly, or you can give your pre-established business more places to roam.

In addition to having different levels, this cage has a separate “balcony” set above the main cage area. Because ferrets’ ancestors are burrowing animals, some ferrets take comfort in accessing this separate area. This extra balcony takes advantage of the z-axis and gives your ferret more square footage than a typical cage would have.

If you would like to purchase one of these cages, you can buy one for $317.25. The link for Quality Cage Company’s 3-Story Ferret Mansion is here:

You can also find more information about caring for ferrets at the Oregon Ferret Shelter website, located at

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