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What Kind of a Nation Have We Become?

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What kind of a country sacrifices the lives and bodies of our troops for a tribal society that we have to then force to accept billions of dollars in economic assistance after the trillions already thrown at them and their corrupt leaders?

The folly that is Afghanistan must stop NOW. The United States has no national interests in the landlocked trash-heap of Asia. It is not a country, it is not a nation, it is not an adventure that is worth one more American life, limb, or dollar.

Has this country become so beholden to the military-industrial-cyber complex that we will continue to kill Americans and others for profit. What are the goals, the end-state? They don't want to be like us, they don't admire us, they don't believe in democracy. The constitution we created installs Islam and Sharia law as the law of the land, not democracy and freedom. Like speech or religion for example. Ask the Christians in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya.

Afghanistan was punished for harboring Al Qaeda and the 9-11 attackers. What is it we want to accomplish there? Nation-building? Give me a break. Afghanistan has never been a nation - it is a tribal society. Outside Kabul and Kandahar there is no national government - just "tribal elders" and warlords. Remember the guys we bribed to aid us in the overthrow of the Taliban and the guys we continue to pay "protection" money to allow safe passage of our convoys? That is the "government" of Afghanistan.

If you think I'm angry, you're right. Afghanistan is not even third world compared to Iraq and Syria. There is NO chance of effecting change there. Check history, from Genghis Khan to the Soviets. Afghanistan is not just land-locked, Afghanistan stands as the last remaining obstacle to the advancement of civilization beyond 700 AD. Afghanistan makes the black holes of the universe look like dwarfs. Afghanistan will suck-in everything that enters that cesspool and the only thing that escapes its pull is the billions of dollars shipped offshore to banking safe-havens for the future plunder of the pretenders we call a government.

If the U.S. must spend taxpayers' money let's spend it in America on Americans, is that too much to ask? It is our family members being killed and wounded and our money being squandered so fat cat politicians can curry favor with the lobbyists funding their elitist lifestyle and excess.

If the examples of Iraq and Libya are any examples of American efforts at nation-building then we shouldn't expect much from Afghanistan - thank God Americans vetoed the President's attempt to intervene in Syria to aid the Al Qaeda terrorists we supported in Libya. So please don't judge the effectiveness of our government by Obamacare - it's all good. This government is so inept it cannot even pass a budget let alone follow one - and we are entrusting them to make other societies like us! Are you kidding me, no wonder they don't want to be like us. Perhaps we could just let other people decide what THEY want without us corrupting their leaders with trillions of U.S. dollars. What difference does it make how they want to live. If they want to trade with us we trade with them. If they want to **** us over we go in and beat the **** out of them and stop trading with them and don't rebuild their countries. We are the largest economy in the world yet we go around the world with our President genuflecting before a corrupt Wahhabist that believes in our destruction. Are we nuts or just stupid? Sorry, is that redundant?

The President just realized the rich got richer and the gap between the rich and super-rich widened! The poor rich people - to see the super rich pulling away from them by the trillions - how sad. Oh yea, and the U.S. wage scale continues to decline and American jobs ship offshore to join the trillions of dollars U.S. companies bank overseas to keep the Treasury from taxing it. At least the unemployment rate is down - thank you Starbucks for opening another store. Wouldn't make sense to offer incentives to industry to return capital and fair-paying jobs to Americans rather than forcing billions on corrupt governments. Look at Texas, it's growing like gangbusters because it offers an environment that is good for business and good for Texas. This country was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit - it actually works. The "arsenal of democracy" was American ingenuity and drive.

We've got issues here in America, it's time to do some self-reflection and decide who we are, where we want to go, and what we believe.

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